Rockery, low walls and water ponds

Rockery, low walls and water ponds You dream of a beautiful rock garden where flowers and plants flourish? You can count on the MSAP Paysagement team. We can combine rockery and low wall, install natural rocks or design steps made of flat stones, in a slope. Your dream is a pond in the middle of…

Lawn and plantation

Lawn and planting Mature trees, shrubs and plants (we only plant perennials) are the masters of a successful landscaping: we'll help you with that. We also install turf. Our work

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Ask a professionnal for your landscaping and excavation work Not only is it better to call on a landscaper to carry out your development work such as planting shrubs and even concrete pavers installation, but it is also recommended that you contact a landscaper to perform excavation related to the landscaping arrangement. Excavation activities can…

Concrete pavers

Concrete pavers Whether it's the outline of a swimming pool or the entry of a courtyard, we can install any type of plain paving. If you do not know which to opt for, we will make suggestions! We can even arrange different types of pavers; the aesthetic flair of our specialists always generates beautiful results..…

Outdoor maintenance

Outdoor maintenance Do you prefer to entrust this task to professionals? Don't have the time to do it? Entrust it to the specialists of MSAP Landscaping. We will clean-up the flowerbeds and spray the necessary products for the prevention of diseases that can affect the plantations. We offer weekly, biweekly and monthly maintenance.


Landscaping We call upon a specialist in landscaping planning. After gathering all the information related to the dimensions, configuration and characteristics of the site, but also the needs and wishes of his clients, he will be able to give you a picture preview of your future landscaping. Our work