About us

A few words who we are

The founder and owner of MSAP Landscaping was only in his early teenage years when he began to reveal his abilities to beautify the outside environment of private residences. Gérald Dubé at the time helped his neighbor, a landscaping specialist, from time to time.

Mr. Dubé nevertheless chose a different trade, while at the same time honoring contracts for landscaping. His passion for entreneurship eventually pushed him to start his business in 1994. Today, he has a dozen employees who work carefully and take on all the tasks of embellishing the yard: plain paving, lawn, rockery, etc. This turnkey service makes it so your every landscaping needs can be fulfilled by us.

Compliance to commitments

The professionals of MSAP Landscaping know that by unveiling our estimated completion date, they sign a commitment, which they will respect without compromise. It goes without saying that they are also held to the higher standards of politeness and courtesy.

Thereby, it’s hardly surprising that MSAP Enterprises already served several hundred satisfied customers.

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